Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow, I'm glad THAT's over!!

You'd think that after having had so much time off from blogging that I would have lots to say. You'd be right, I do. So much that I don't know where to start. So I won't.


Yea, doesn't really make sense does it?

Social functions, working full time, PPT, appointments, church, dad, emotions, marriage,'s been an exhausting week. A week that ended in someone's barn at a surprise 50th b-day party. The barn has been converted to a bar. It was super cool. I forgot my camera. Take my word on it.

I've been designated by my father to be the person to plan his funeral. Ummmm

In one evening 2 12 year olds, an 11 year old and a 10 year old managed to occupy themselves with little to no messes. Proud of them.

Christian played catch with the football by himself yesterday. Yep, picture that. It was cute!

My favorite line of the week came from an 11 year old to his 12 year old went something like this:

(background info first) The 'uppers' at Lincoln have a massive book report project that they have been working on since January. They need to read 7 books, write a report and do a project. They all have to be different genres, historical fiction, biography, realistic fiction, adventure etc. Awesome project. They also have to complete a certain number of blue ribbons on Study Island to participate in the Rocktown tour. Rocktown tour is a pep fest for the upcoming MCAs (Frozen tundra standardized testing). Our principal believes that if they have a pep fest, they'll try harder to know what is on the 'test' and in turn do better in school. There is trash can drumming, intrument playing,'s good stuff...ANYWAY!
So needless to say the uppers (6th-8th graders) are stressing out a little this week as these assignments are nearing their due dates--and let's not forget the hormones running rampant in these kids!
So little brother says to big brother in his best irritated voice..

"Do they tell you when you become an upper that you can't have a sense of humor?"

To which big brother replies, rather defensively

"NO, WHY?!!?"

"Because you're crabby all the time!!"

Benjamin is no exception. Stressed about the assignments? Yes. Work on it? No, I'll play nintendo thanks.

That is enough for me today. It is gorgeous outside! Off to enjoy it!

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