Monday, November 15, 2010

Goooo Panthers!!

As promised, over and over and over I have finally gotten my act together to post some pictures of Benjamin's football season.

Benjamin played fullback and defensive end and linebacker this year. I know this because he is sitting right next to me while I blog right now, and I asked him. For some reason, I cannot remember which position is which. Kicker? got it. Quarterback? yep, I know who that is. Safety. nailed it! Benjamin's positions? Well, they may as well be a foreign language because I just can't retain their names! At any rate, he played those positions this year, and had a LOT of fun!

Brian helped with coaching again this year too, and has made some great new colleagues to keep in touch with!

Here is Benjamin with the carry, not sure how far he got, anytime he had a super play, I was too busy jumping up and down and cheering to be taking pictures!

(after uploading these, I can see they don't look as clear or as close as they do on my computer...sorry folks. Maybe it's time for photoshop....Christmas anyone?! ahem, B?)

This is a fantastic block (or is it tackle? I don't know that either) by Benjamin --#72-- that allowed Tristan, or was it Tucker? It may have been Kallis...doesn't matter, whoever it was broke away after this and got pretty far down the field!

I won't bore you with every detail. Like Benjamin getting a concussion. Yawn. I'll just fast forward to the championship game!

They made it all the way through the season with only one loss, kicked butt in the playoff game, and went on to play the one team they lost to in the championship! Under the bright lights of the college football field.

Bleachers, stadium lighting, artificial turf---the whole works! It was awesome to watch the team play, and give their every ounce of energy into the game. While they did not pull out a win, they played with heart, and they gave that team a run for their money. We filled the bleachers, and lost our voices cheering on our Panthers! It was another awesome football season, thanks to the coaches and a terrific group of 7th grade boys! Once again, the season has ended and while we are so grateful to have some normalcy back in our lives, I miss Saturday football. I will patiently wait again for next year!

Now we're 2 weeks into basketball season, yet another year where B has been recruited to coach, so I've said goodbye to him for another sporting season. Soccer comes next. Christian has already made it clear to Brian that after last year's disaster of a soccer coach B must coach that too. Sigh....I guess this is payback for 5 years of ViE and PPT.

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