Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working on it...

As I was wrapping up the post with pictures, it froze. Just stopped. And frankly, it took a long time to get it to look the way it did, so I stopped.

I'll get back to it again. Just not today.

I decided though, that if I was going to get back into the blogging routine, and give you all something to look forward to each morning, or evening or somewhere in between, I could write anyway. Right? So pictures are coming. Football, lefse making, fall parties, lady gagas, apple orchards, and just plain family fun will come your way soon.

So instead of pictures, I give you a piece of my mind! (in bullets of course!!)

  • I am absolutely on pins and needles for Christmas (NOT winter) break to come! I am already getting the warm and fuzzies to hang out with the boys everyday, drink hot chocolate, watch the office, build puzzles, and snuggle by the fire. can.not.wait.
  • It should be a rule that kindergartners learn how to blow their own noses before they start school. You know ABCs, 123, tissue=sneeze. Right? Right.
  • I love shopping online. Not so much the shopping part of it, but the mail part of it! I love to get the packages in the mail. I've even found myself taking some time while I'm running errands to swing by the house to see if there is a package waiting by the door. Too bad they aren't for me. Except the one.....
  • Slippers should be required in every household. Feet are gross, dirty, smelly, and body icky, and they have no business touching carpets or furniture.
  • After that last comment, it's hard to believe I worked at a foot clinic. It definitely reinforced my dislike for the appendage. Nothin' but love for Dr. P though...he is great! Highly recommend him for all your foot and ankle needs!
  • 2 of Benjamin's closest friends turned 13. That means he is not far behind. This makes me sad. Almost tearful sad.
  • Norwex rocks!
  • Being a part of a staff that focuses so much on strong family values and involvement is a blessing in ways that I still even now can't wrap my head around. Lincoln is an entire staff of people who care about the education of every student. Our staff meeting today was an enlightenment for me, and I appreciate them even more than I thought possible.
  • That 70s Show is a kick in the pants! HA!
  • Wendy's frostys are my favorite.
  • The commercial with the sleeping babies while the woman sings Silent Night should not be a Pampers ad. It should promote Christmas break from school. *See bullet #1

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