Friday, November 26, 2010

New found loves

Move aside vinegar and water. I wanted so much to believe in you, and for several years I did. However, I really miss the smell of clean. So I've found a new love. Don't worry, I'll still use you for carpet spills, windows, mirrors and all things shiny. But, from here on out, there is a new go to guy for counters, bathrooms, cabinets and floors.

Meyers lavendar scented cleaner. Wow! How much do I love thee? You and your dish soap have become my new cleaning buddies.

Another new found love--Williams Sonoma sponges. The price has prevented me for a long long (long) time from purchasing these, but then, I splurged. I'm so glad I did. They are compact enough to fit the extras in my cleaner carrier, yet enormous when they get wet. Together-- they make a great team. Pop them in the dishwasher to get clean in between uses or a quick zap in the microwave to kill!

Why Jodie why are you talking about cleaning supplies? Because today, after a day of Black Friday shopping -- well more Black Friday crowd experiencing for the boys-- Christmas tree selecting and putting up, shopping in the cities and dinner out with the hubby, I cleaned. Our house experienced the stomach flu this week. First Benjamin, Brian was the next to fall, and then the bug bit me. I cleaned earlier this week, but since I was the last to fall, it hasn't been cleaned for a couple of days, and tonight = scouring. There will be no more flu. No.more.flu.

Speaking of the flu....turns out Yoshi is terrified of the ancient stock pot (it used to be dad's -- we have 2 others for cooking) that we used for our bedside bucket (if you catch my drift) The combination of the odor (gross I know, sorry) and the noise of the lid rattling against the metal must really really bother him. He wouldn't even go in our bedroom today when he found out it was in there. He trembled and wimpered to get away from the bedroom door. It's hilarious. So after it was scoured and cleaned, where did it end up?

He won't be drinking from the tree this year, that's for sure!

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