Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lefse take 2 or is it 5?

Lefse! For many years the boys' idea of lefse (thanks to me) was to take flour tortillas, spread butter on them and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. And then Benjamin met Bennett. Jodie met Allison, and years later Allison and Jodie made lefse. And now? We're lefse snobs. No more flour tortillas, it just isn't the same!

We made lefse together for the first time in 2008, twice last year, and so far twice again this year, and it is truly one of my favorite Allison-Jodie activities. This has unintentionally become a tradition with us that I hope we can continue for years to come!

It's great to sit on my bar stool to turn and cozy turn and cozy.

Unlike 2008, I have graduated to helping roll the lefse out...I think Allison is just being sweet when she says she isn't hyperventilating while I roll out these disasters never to been seen by anyone but the 2 of us.

I'm almost certain that she only lets me roll so that we can have some rejects to eat. She'll never admit it. But I'm sure it's true.

The first batch this year went entirely to the Lincoln Auction, but this time, it was all for keeps! Well, at least the ones that Lefse Lenny doesn't eat! Yumm!!

Next time, football....

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