Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who knew?

Who knew that after years and years of practicing and editing chocolate chip cookie recipes to make the cookies rise up thick, that my eldest son would want me to knock it off?

Back to the drawing board. He wants them flat and skinny.

Who knew?

Who knew that having a back yard with woods would lead to an afternoon of smashing pumpkins?

Who knew that our beautiful MoJo would find the garland so comfy cozy that I wouldn't have the heart to take it away?

Who knew that this very cat would look very black in real life, but would photograph in red tones? Such a pretty girl....

Who knew that ordering a baby gate online to use for the dog would lead my children to question the soda that I drank later that day.

"Mama, does that have caffeine in it?" "Yes, my sweet sweet Christian, it does have caffeine. The baby gate is for the dog. Not a baby."

Who knew that this Lion would be the gate keeper to one of the most relaxing and laughter filled weekends I've had w/o my family?

Really. Who knew?

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