Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Do you ever just want to shut out the noise of the world?

Surprisingly, even with the volume of noise I have going on right now, I am sticking in.

Of course, I couldn't be in the peace of mind I am w/o the support of so many. Professionals, teachers, family, friends, GIFT members and church leaders. I am blessed beyond my words to have each of you in my life. Your prayers are working wonders--keep 'em coming please!

We've been uber busy, and uber relaxed all at the same time, I've got lots to say, and lots o pictures to post.

Remember back when I couldn't find the cord to the camera to upload pictures? Guess where it was back then? Exactly where it should have been! In the drawer where it belonged. I didn't look there because I assumed that with the move it was somewhere else.

This time? It isn't there. I can't find it. But when I do, I have some goodies from Christmas to show, and a cute video of the cats!

BTW we had an amazing Christmas with my family. Dad was there, but left in the afternoon because he wasn't feeling well-- and was clearly in pain, it was quite visible in his face and in his movements. That wasn't easy to see, and even harder to not rush to him and hold him as if it were the last time. Later that night Benjamin shed tears over Papa. He is scared. So am I. We're adjusting.


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