Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seize the day

The snow day that is! Yep, I'm counting on a snow day tomorrow. And even better, so are many of the other moms! We've already made plans with several families tomorrow...you know, when it is a snow day! Of course, none of our kids know, because it would make for a big fat bummer if school does not get cancelled. I'm choosing not to think that way though, instead I'm counting on a day to spend with friends doing all of the fun snow day activities. What are snow day activities? Well, lets see. Baking, hot chocolate-ing, puzzle building, snow man building, fire snuggling....basically the same things you do any other day of the week, but it is that much better because it is almost like playing hookey. I love them.

If we are not graced with a day off of school tomorrow, our evening is jam packed with things to do! We have GIFT, Benjamin has band rehearsal for the church services on Sunday, Christian has his school production, Benjamin has BC (before Confirmation for the 6th graders at church) AND I am scheduled to have a PPT planning meeting that I will have to miss. There is only so much a person can do in one night!

Anyway, thought I would seize the moment to write while B is snow blowing, but now he is done, so I'm off to snuggle. Cross your fingers for us will you? We sure would like welcome winter with our very first day of snow....

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Kami said...

We, too, were really counting on a snow day - but alas, that day did NOT come. Never mind the fact that the windchill is a blistering -12 degrees ... send the kids to the bus stop and make 'em freeze! Ugh.

So yes, the only snow day we have is preschool - so my Colin and I will be chilling out together today. Love it!

Hoping your snow day wish came true!