Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Who am I kidding? Wednesday

No, I did not pose him...he always looks that thoughtful. Wow, I love him!

Our winter evening view...exactly what we wanted. Perfect.


Kami said...

Looks like the perfect evening! Aaaahhh yes :)

Jolene said...

I love it! We were blessed with the same this year!
So, quesion, are you going to make it to the mckgathering for Christmas? I was going to offer a place to crash if you don't want to make the trek back home. Just a thought.

MoJo said...

Hey Jolene! We may take you up on that! I have RSVPd that we will go, but still working out details. It would be fantastic to see you all again! Thanks for the offer, I'll keep that in mind while we figure it out!

Jolene said...

We don't have much, but an air mattress on the floor or one of our childrens' beds is much cheaper than a hotel. ;)