Friday, January 8, 2010

5 Question Friday

Pictures Jodie, we want pictures! I know, I'm puttering along on those. You'd think that after an entire day of being at home yesterday, I would have worked on that. But alas, I am still empty handed. I assure you, there are pictures from our recent trip to Chicago, and a cute video of our cats juiced up on cat nip, as well as some sweet photos of our musician moon walking while playing his instrument.... I'll get to it---someday.

For now, just 5 question Friday. I don't remember where I first saw this. And at first I thought it was a cop out for doing an actual post. But after reading a few blogs with it, I discovered that I was wrong. Not a cop out at all! They were fun to read with the right questions!
Unfortunately, some of the questions I've been asked are a little too heavy for a light weight Friday I'll fill in some blanks.

If I could be anywhere, where would it be? Truthfully, there was a time that I would have said somewhere warm. A beach. Australia perhaps. Maybe even Europe. But now, the truth lies in wherever my family is. I really do like my house. All of the quirks and irks about it are homey and cozy to me. So a nice evening tucked in with the boys and B are right where I'd wanna be. (a fire crackling in the fireplace is necessary with the weather we've been having!)

Where would I like to travel? Of course, just because my favorite place to be is right at home does not mean that I have no desire to travel. That's crazy talk. B and I have a couple destinations planned out for future vacations, Seattle is one, we've always wanted to go to the NW. DC is another, I went there on my senior class trip, but I didn't appreciate it as much as I will as an adult. And I'm looking forward to our trip to New York! We made a deal with the Vulcans that we would all go I'm excited for that day. My 40th or yours Eric? I can't remember? Just to name a few...

Favorite comfort food? Potatoes. Chips, fries, mashed, augratin, German, scalloped. Doesn't matter. I love them. Too much. Which is exactly why we rarely have any of those things in our house. MMMM, so good.

Biggest fear? This is a goodie. Given my dad's situation, that could have been my insty answer. But I've thought about this lately, and while I certainly am afraid of what is happening to him, that is not my biggest fear. My biggest fear is that I will never fully give my life to Christ. I say I do, and I pray to be able to, and in many instances I have given my trust to Him. But my entire life? That is tough. Not that I am not fully and endlessly devoted to our Savior. I believe with all I am that if I put my trust in Him, in all avenues of my life, I will be saved. I shall not want, and I shall have eternal life. That part is easy to believe! It is listening to Him, and following what HE wants for my life, and taking myself out of the equation in every way. I'm working on it, and I continue to strive to be a good Christian.

Why do I subject myself to a blog, especially when I both know, and don't know who is reading it? GREAT question. And again, this is something I battle with. It is exactly why I have had some lapses in my blogging. There are times that I have filtered what I say based on who I know is reading. And I do look over my photos and think twice about some of my content because I don't know who is reading. However, I ultimately come to the same conclusion. There are things that are private, and they remain private. And while I may hesitate letting some of you in on some of my feelings and opinions, almost to the point of not writing at all, I have prayed about my blogging. I took an absence and really prayed about whether or not I should continue writing. After taking some time off, I felt led to come back. I felt compelled to continue doing what I enjoy, and while some may argue that those who blog are trying to 'control' what others think. I believe the opposite. Some of you may read to spy-get some dirt, others may read to keep up on our family, and still some of you may read because you -like me- have a genuine interest in Christian women (and men) who take to public blogging (and potential criticism) because we ENJOY it. That's it! No strings attached! I expect nothing from my readers, in fact, if you don't like what I have to say, or you don't like me, please feel free to stop reading. No one is making you.
I certainly did not set out to have 'a following' and I wouldn't classify my blog as a must read by any means. However, I appreciate those of you who check in daily, weekly, and occasionally. And for those of you I don't know...if you have a blog of your own, please feel free to leave it in my comments, I'd love to check it out sometime!

Ok, that's all for, it actually turned into a full post too! I've been baby stepping into some projects that have taken a back burner, but now that we have a WHOLE entire room for me to work on them, I have no more excuses! And with a surprise day off from the store today, I think I'll kick it into gear!

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