Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday - Husband Style

Not Me Monday was created by my friend MckMama as a way to admit all her imperfections w/o actually having to admit them! It is a great way to come clean about all of the embarrassing things you your husband did! Let's get to the good stuff shall we?

Having been raised in the Frozen Tundra, my husband has grown up bleeding purple his entire life. Not only were his parents devout Vikings fans, but they were also season ticket holders all of Brian's life. So it is no surprise that he is a purple and gold fan through and through.
With that said, it is not my husband who declared that if the Vikings won the playoff game yesterday that the chances were good that he would cry, and perhaps wet his pants! And then, when the Vikings LOST the playoff game, it was not my husband who quickly posted to his facebook status that no one was allowed to discuss the game with him until a few days (and utter disappointment) had passed. Not my husband. He is far too rational to let a sporting event affect his moods this way.

It was also not my husband who has desperately been searching for a chainsaw so that we could cut up the wood we have in our garage, only to borrow one time and again that either A.) would not start or B.) was too small to cut through the massive logs. Now that he has one in his possession (and has for over a week) it certainly isn't him who has not cut the aforementioned wood. No, he is much more efficient than that!

Wow, Not Me Monday is even MORE fun when it is someone else at stake!! Give it a shot! Head over to Jennifer's rules to learn how to do your own Not Me Monday! Have fun!

I do I do babe!


The Pressley Family said...

Oh my husband is the same way! What is it with men that it takes a year longer to get things done? They should just leave it to the women!:)

Pam, mom, honey, said...

I have turned my not me mondays into not my kids or not the army the last few weeks. i so understand about the chainsaw because that is us with a power washer right now

MoJo said...

It's so good to hear that he isn't the only one! Seems like when we have down time--especially when the kids are out and about--we want to keep it that way, so the xtra stuff doesn't get done! Snuggle time trumps chainsaw anyday!