Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's over!

Christmas vacation ends tonight. That makes me sad. Our evenings of staying up way too late and mornings of sleeping in too late are over. Tomorrow we rise early and get ready for school. Blech.

We've had 10 days of wonderful vacation! Sledding, cousins, friends, WAY too much TV/video game time and WAY too many sweets! Reality kicks back in tomorrow, so I need to wrap my head around it.

We've had snow and rain and ice and sleet. We've had below zero temps and frozen windows. We've had hot chocolate and fires burning and we've cozied up in blankets.

We've invited buddies over, visited neighbors, played with cousins and traveled short distances to see friends and family.

We've shopped, wrapped, unwrapped, given and received gifts. We've eaten, and eaten and eaten and eaten. We've laughed, and snuggled, and tickled, and cuddled.

We've played board games and card games and mind games and snow games. We've taught our dog tricks, and given him baths.

We've baked and simmered, and stewed many meals. We've read books and done homework and practiced instruments.

We've said goodbye to 2009 and embraced 2010.

We've even found the camera cord! Yay us! Tomorrow I'll be able to share a month in photos with you! You're excited aren't you? Can't wait can you? The suspense is intolerable isn't it? I'm trying something new with my photos this time around...we'll see how they turn out!

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