Monday, January 11, 2010

Part of the plan

I've been big on planning lately. I've got lists everywhere. Grocery lists, chore lists, PPT lists, meeting lists, job possibility lists...they're everywhere. While I'm on the journey to follow His plan, I'm checking off my lists.

Before children I was not big on planning things. I was a much more laid back, take it as it comes kind of gal. The boys changed that to some degree. I had 2 little ones whose entire lives depended on what I was doing. And I adjusted. Still not a planner. No lists. I think the closest I would get is drawing out a map of a room so that I knew where I would place the furniture in it. It was something I had started doing as a child. It helped me place each piece, and move it around before actually having to move the heavy pieces. But that was as close to a list as I would get. No grocery lists either. It's true. I tried to make them sometimes, but I'd leave them at home, or in my purse and not look at them. My college roommates used lists (thanks Bon and Jill) but not me. Sometimes I would begin a list, but usually I would just put things that I had either already accomplished, or were nearly done with, like:

1. Make a list
2. Wake up
3. Brush my teeth

4. etc
5. etc

Just so I could cross things off. Really.

But now? Lists. Lots of them. Top of the list? Follow His plan. It's amazing that as I get more organized, the less freaked out I get when things don't go according to my own plan. Which I have definitely learned has never been the same as His plan. I'm learning.

I'm learning to listen. Listen to His plan. And be completely open to whatever He has in store for me, for Brian, and for my sweet children. The next couple of weeks promise some decisions and meetings that will test my ability to listen to Him. I'm up for the challenge. Because listening to Him---is second on that list, right after follow His plan. It will be the one list I will ever make where I won't be able to cross off the tasks on it. I'm ok with that.

I love it when Plans whether ours or Someone Else's come together. Don't you?

Side note...I know the word Plan is becoming over used by me these days. I plan on putting that on another list to work on.

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