Monday, January 25, 2010


I just returned from our PPT (Program Planning Team) meeting, and I have to tell you I.AM.HOT. Hot hot hot hot hot. For those of you who have linked over for Not Me Monday, I apologize for the interruption. You'll find it in the post before my little rant here!

Our district is no different than any other district out there, I know. I realize there are schools everywhere facing the same financial strain that we are, but given the fact that I am so close to many of the staff at the school, and I am seeing first hand how these cuts are affecting them AND my sons. It infuriates me.

10.1 million. That was last year's budget cut.

This year's?

4.5 million.

Next year's?

Over 6 million. In addition to the fact that the state will likely be decreasing the money that they give to begin with.

Where, or where do you find 20 million dollars in 3 years? We're not a big district, and we are a very small school. Gratefully we have a phenomenal principal who is incredibly proactive in his efforts to increase our science program, he is providing our upper students (6-8th graders) with laptops, offering opportunities that many students would not otherwise have, and he is decreasing the gap. What is 'the gap'? It is the group of students who are not meeting standards, and it if you take a moment to look at your district's statistics, you'll find that number to be rather staggering. We fell into a gold mine when Jim Sonju was hired as our leader, and we are pushing our way through an economic crisis.

But another 10million dollars cut from a budget of operating expenses, district programs, staff, makes me angry. Hot hot hot hot hot. Hot.

Oh, but let's not forget the $45,000,000 payoff.


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Life Is Beautiful said...

I agree, education budget cuts stink!!!! However, as a former high school educator in another state I saw first hand how damaging it can be when administrators mismanage public funds. I think as a society in general we've become too dependent on government handouts; education being one of them.