Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

**Disclaimer--these are my thoughts. Not to be confused with your thoughts, or your neighbor's thoughts. You may agree - Great! If not....see above. Feel free to comment if you wish, I love hearing your thoughts too. Anyway, w/o further ado-- My thoughts!!

I think the government should be run by stay at home moms. No, really. We have learned how to stick to a budget, we use coupons, we are able to make decisions that are not necessarily in our own best interest, we have the ability to keep the masses (husband and children) happy the majority of the time, and we're good at 'dumbing complicated jargon down' for the little ones. So no more mumbo jumbo health care bills, or government spending issues. And let's face it, staying home and eating bon bons all day gets old...we need something to do right? Why not run the country? Seems we would be better fit than any politician I know.

I wonder why it takes a flick of the switch to discontinue a service (gas, electric, phone, cable) when you move. But when you want to begin service you need someone to physically enter your home. And the time frame in which they will come is no fewer than 5 hours.

Why is it that when I walk, I have no trouble breathing, but when I run I forget how? And why is it that when I focus on remembering to breath while running, I end up tripping over myself or running in zig zags?

Why do people still shop at Walmart? Seriously? Why? No, really--why?

How did the saying "When it rains it pours" come about? I mean, I know what it means...but who came up with it? And what was happening when they said it?

Why do dogs chase cats? Honestly, why can't they just ignore them?

While we're at it...who came up with it's raining cats and dogs. Whaa?

Deep thoughts right? I miss Jack Handy.

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