Sunday, January 24, 2010



Educational budget cuts.

Economic recession.


Health care bills.




What is that number for, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did. I'll tell you. That number represents the amount of money that Conan O'Brien will receive from NBC.
Wanna see it again?


That's in dollars, not pennies, or nickels, or candy canes. Dollars.

Ok, so I'm a fan of Conan. I think he is silly, I think he is genuine, and in a geeky, quirky, red headed kinda way he is even border line attractive. I also have a high respect for the way he (initially) reacted to the whole NBC kicking him out ordeal. He was honest, forthright, respectful and mature. And then, he accepted a deal for $45,000,000. Dollars.


What blows my mind even more - is that having Conan leave that spot represents MORE than $45,000,000 in profit for NBC, or they wouldn't have agreed to it. That would be like me wanting to drive a certain car so badly that I am willing to pay 3 times the value of it. That would be foolish. So obviously NBC stands to gain far MORE than $45,000,000 by Conan vacating the spot. And placing an already higher paid Jay Leno (who I also happen to like) in his place. Higher salaried host + $45 million deal = profit. Wow. So a deal was struck, and away Conan goes. Quickly, respectfully, and apparently humorously.

And me. I'm left wondering what in Heaven's name are they flaunting around numbers like that in an economic climate like the one we are experiencing right now? I am so frustrated with people who have dollar signs in their eyes. Who strive to make more money, just for the sake of having more money. So they can spend it lavishly? Private jets? 6 cars in the driveway? Several homes around the world?

It's embarrassing. What on earth have we come to? How is this acceptable to us? To them? To anyone?

Time to get grounded. Let's get back to reality here. Just imagine if you will, $45,000,000 dispersed in more responsible ways. Imagine the good it could do. Schools, health care, NATIONAL DEBT.


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