Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear God...

Dear God, I want a puppy.

Dear God, Please have my mom buy me the girbaud jeans for my birthday.

Dear God, please make Tom Cruise find me and fall in love with me.

Dear God, please make all my wishes come true.

Ah yes, the power of prayer. We spend so much time praying for things we want, and usually, they don't come to us they way we thought they would. I've said many a prayer in my day. Many many many times, the dreams that I wished for came true in ways far better than I had hoped. And many many many times--they didn't.

In my adult life, I don't always pray for me. I spend a lot of time praying for others. I'm not praying for specifics, I'm just praying in general. For health. For understanding. For peace for them. Some unexpected and surprising things have happened.

He knows the true desires of my heart. And He knows what is best for me, and what is right.

He's answering prayers one by one.

He's good.

Dear God,

Thank you.

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